Steroid’s Side effects for Women

Anabolic steroids are stated above are the synthetic version of Testosterone which is prescribed by doctors to many patients to treat delayed puberty and other wasting diseases.

However, the use of these Anabolic steroids is totally illegal to improve athletic performance, which is why it is banned for athletes or bodybuilders to use them.

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women's legal steroids

The occurrence of this crime (steroid abuse) is mainly popular with bodybuilders and those who are seeking to enhance their physical performance including men and women.

The US Department of justice on this notion has published a paper where it says “Steroids can cause multiple side effects in women”.

Abnormalities in Menstrual Cycle and Fertility

Testosterone is produced in both male and female bodies. In women, this hormone is stored mainly in the ovaries and other tissues reside in her reproductive system.

Using anabolic steroids will trigger hormonal shift which is something against the menstrual cycles. As a result of which woman experience abnormalities in her Mensis which leads her to have very less or irregular amount of periods everything which then leads to the condition Amenhorrea where a woman stops menstruating, which may indicate infertility.

Another Potential side effects from the use of Steroids include.

Mannish Effects

Anabolic steroids are androgenic class hormones, which affects male in their puberty era.

When this kind of steroids is consumed by women they get the same result as men do during their puberty.

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Effects of the deeper voice, the growth of facial and body hair etc. Mayoclinic experts say that these steroids can cause the irregular growth of the clitoris, reduction in breast size, alopecia (hair loss) may occur.

However, the change in voice can be a permanent effect which is irreversible.

Emotional Effects

Excessive Steroid consumption can alter the emotional level of women.

Some dangerous emotional side effects include mood swings, depression, anxiety, a delusion of invulnerability, irritable and hostile behavior.

steroids side effects for women

It is undeniable fact that the use of Steroid can affect the mood of men and women, however before or during the menstrual cycle, women are more susceptible to experience emotional side effects.

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Women with a past history of extreme depression and other mental illness may need psychological assessment to subside these effects.

Effect on Physique

Beside emotional and other harmful effects on menstrual cycle and fertility, steroid use can affect women’s body a lot.

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This includes a severe form of acne at different parts of the body, bloating and water retention, liver and kidney insufficiency, sexual disorder and abnormal cholesterol levels. Due to high cholesterol level, your body can experience severe cardiovascular conditions.

According to many facts, use of steroid can also induce harmful teratogenic effects in women, which affect the development of the fetus in the uterus.

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